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Our brands bring a wide range of fashion, beauty and accessories to our clients. Each brand works to make their ranges increasingly relevant, while customers of all brands of the group will also benefit from Just Apparel and its group's investment in the technology, advanced analysis and AI.

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Our Collection

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Jersey Collection

Fabric knitted itself to make a statement, soft feel with amazing colors there to make your day wonderful ............................................................

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French Terry Collection

Our cozy and durable fleece collection keeps you warm throughout the day, from jackets to trousers to daily wear goods Just comfortable as Just Apparel!

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Fleece Collection

Soft and cozy inside warmer and active outside, lightweight varieties in different styles so you can pick your best ...........................................................

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Why choose us?

We use premium quality cotton in manufacturing our products. These is created from natural fertilizers and pesticides, there it does not cause any irritation to our clients. This adds value to our Print durability, making the fabric more durable and innovative to any printing while being washed or ironed, while simultaneously keeping updated with the market trends and style. Furthermore, the color consistency is better than that of competitors as the dye is also created from organic methods and this makes the different colors durable as well.

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1. What is the printability result on your goods?

A: The printability is the thing, which we guarantee our products are almost cotton faced to make printing easily with sharper colors and more durability

2. Does Just Apparel Co, makes tie & dye products?

A: Just Apparel Co, is a manufacturer of blank t-shirts, sport shirts, and fleece products. We sell our products to wholesale distributors and various resellers who perform screen printing, embroidery, garment, and tie-dyeing processes. Our current products are dyed in solid colors and sold as shown in our catalog, swatch card or on the website. We can do your customized order being made as per your instructions overseas and ship directly to you. For details contact our representative.

3. Can I get Just apparel Co. to make a shirt with my label sewn into it?

A: We can make Shirt with your label but that comes under our customized manufacturing for that you need to order so we can get it to your warehouse within 70-80Days. If you need a faster serviced on our blanks you can call a representative to setup a meeting with you and confirm the upcharge that would occur.

4. Does your products shrink?

A: Yes, Just Apparel Co. products, as all knit products shrink. Knit fabrics inherently shrink back to the knit density they emerged from the knitting machine with. Throughout the textile and sewing processes these fabrics are subject to tension, which pulls open the knit density somewhat. Upon first several washing and drying the fabric will almost always shrink back to that exact density it was originally knit to. Just Apparel Co. targets very specific shrinkage numbers, typically less than 4% in width 6% in length of any 100% cotton fabrics through a variety of measures ranging from specialized handling equipment to our final textile process called compacting. In this process we run the fabric through 2 rollers turning at different speeds. This effectively compacts the knit of the fabric back close to the original density. The result of this is we manage to control the amount of shrinkage our garments will do once worn by our customers.

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